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Who To Contact When Moving House

When you are moving house there are a multitude of different companies and institutions to inform. As well as letting your friends and family know you are moving you need to contact everyone who has reason to hold your address.


Contact family, friends and companies about your removal

Advise everyone who needs to know about your house removal

Some will only need to know that you have changed address, while other companies will require extra information about the move in order to provide you with services at your new address.


Below is a list of some of the contacts you will need to inform when you move.


Personal and Family Contacts


  • Your Friends and family are the first to let know of your new address, and you can buy moving cards to send out to make it easier.
  • Let your doctors know and register with a new one if you are moving away.
  • Inform your dentist and find a new one in your new area.
  • Inform your children’s schools, and get them enrolled in new ones if need be. Their schools will still need to know the new address even if they are not leaving the school.
  • Let your car insurer know so that renewals come to your new house.
  • Inform your employer so they can update your records.


Utility Companies


  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water


Arrange for the utilities to be switched off at your old house on the day you move out, and switched on at your new house on the day you move in. Take meter readings before you leave the old property and as soon as you arrive at your new home. Give the figures to the relevant utility companies so that they can bill you accurately.


Broadband, phone and TV providers


  • Broadband suppliers usually need plenty of notice, so give them a month at least. You will need to provide the phone number at your new house before they can initiate the switch between properties.
  • If you have a separate phone line provider you need to arrange for lines to be cut off at the old house and set up at the new house, and you may want to arrange taking your number with you.
  • Sky TV will send an engineer to your new house free of charge to get you switched over.
  • Any Cable TV contracts will have to be cancelled.
  • Update your TV Licence.


Financial Institutes


  • Banks
  • Building societies
  • Pension provider
  • Contents and buildings Insurer
  • Life, accident and health insurers
  • Mortgage provider
  • Savings accounts
  • Premium bonds
  • Shares


You will need to inform every financial institute that you hold an account with, and while it may seem like a daunting task to go through all of your paperwork, it is essential to make sure they all have your new details.


Government Offices


  • You should inform the DVLA of your new address as they issue driving licences and hold the registration of the vehicles you own.
  • You need to inform the council so they can amend your council tax as necessary, and inform the new council if you have moved to a new area.
  • You need to be registered on the Electoral role to retain your right to vote, so it is important to get your details updated.
  • You may need to inform the Inland Revenue for tax purposes.
  • The Passport office should also be updated of your address to keep your passport current and valid.


Memberships and subscriptions


Any clubs, subscriptions and memberships will have to be updated, or cancelled altogether if you are moving away from the area. Some of the types of memberships might include:


  • Gym and health club memberships
  • Mail order companies
  • Internet shopping websites
  • Store cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Club and trade union memberships
  • Charity memberships


Contact your utilities to arrange the cutting off and opening up of supplies to the properties.

It is your responsibility to inform government departments to ensure that you stay inside the law.


Automated services

One innovative way of letting a provider know, is through an automated service such as the online notification service provided by iammoving.com. They have a large listing of institutes, companies, government contacts, phone and broadband suppliers and charities.

You can select which providers to notify and enter your account number and change of address details which are sent via the website. It is a very quick way of contacting several suppliers in a short period of time, and takes away the trouble of searching for contact details.


Who to Inform When Moving House – Summary

Moving house is often a chaotic process as you find yourself with so many things to organise and deal with. From buying a house right through to the moving day it is easy to get consumed by planning and organising the packing and the moving itself, but it is important to set aside the time from anything up to a month before the move, to work out who to notify when moving house, and start contacting everyone who has your address.

If you are moving to a new area you need to spend some time researching good facilities; you will have to register with new doctors and dentists in the new area, and if you have children you will need to find a suitable school for them.

You should make time in the weeks leading up to the move to contact your utilities to arrange the cutting off and opening up of supplies to the properties. You should also contact broadband, phone and TV providers to make sure you get the services ready for the day you move into the new home.

Don’t forget to update all of your details with the relevant government departments to ensure that you stay inside the law. It is your responsibility to inform the DVLA that you have changed address so the registration of the vehicles you own and your driving licence remain valid.

The list above gives you an excellent starting point with the types of companies and institutes you need to contact when you move house. You can add you own contacts and memberships to the list an

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