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Moving Your Phone, Broadband and Satellite When Moving House

Unfortunately moving house involves contacting a variety of different companies and organisations to inform them of your new address. You are required to contact the Inland Revenue and the DVLA, while you will also need to give your new details to any banks or credit card companies you hold accounts with.

You need to arrange the termination of gas, electricity and water supplies to the old house, and organise connection at the new house.

You need to inform your telecoms provders of your move to a new address.

Contact your broadband, telephone and satellite providers to inform of your new address.

Phone, broadband and satellite contracts will also need to be moved to the new property, it is advisable to do this at least a month before the move to try and maintain continuity of service.


How to move existing contracts

One of the first things you need to do is find out the BT landline number of your new house. Your broadband provider will need this along with the date of the move, the full address and post code.

Many suppliers offer the facility to change address online as well as over the phone, and as soon as a provider has the necessary information, engineers can begin to change over the supply.

Some broadband deals will continue, so you still serve the same remaining time on the contract, but some suppliers may insist on a new contract at the new address.

Most people have phone and broadband in a combined deal with their supplier, and you will also need to speak to them about taking your phone number with you if you want to keep your original number.

If the new property’s phone line is not set up to receive broadband some providers may ask for expensive set-up fees to connect the house. Try to arrange a deal where any set-up costs are included if possible.


Moving House – Sky TV

Despite what you might think, moving house with Sky TV is a relatively easy process. You can change your address online or over the phone, and if the new house already has a satellite dish you can install the equipment yourself.

Make sure you take the set top box, viewing cards, remote controls and all SCART and HDMI leads. If the new property does not have a dish or the correct cables for installation, Sky offer a free Sky moving house service as part of their TV package.

You can arrange for an engineer to visit and completely install the equipment for you, including the mounting a new dish if required; again free of charge.

Arrange to move your phone, broadband and satellite contracts a month before you move house.

Contact your phone, broadband and satellite providers with your new address.


Setting up a new supplier

There are a number of reasons that moving house could be a good time to change supplier, particularly if you are coming to the end of a contract.

Ask yourself if you are really happy with your provider. Find out what connection speeds you are getting and run speed tests on your computer, see what other providers can offer.

Check for the best deals available, you might get a better price by combining phone, TV and  broadband, or you might find that your new property can receive cable and take that option.

If you are setting up a new provider, consider how long you expect to be at the property and how long a contract should last. If you intend to be in the new house for several years it may be worth looking at 24 or 36 moth contracts to get the best possible prices.


Are there any costs or penalties?

Most broadband suppliers will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your contract part way through the agreement. The charges may be a lump sum based on the amount of time left on the contract, an administration fee, or early cancellation fees.

This can make it very difficult to change provider if you are mid-contract when you move house; in many cases it is much cheaper to stay with the same provider for the duration of the contract, even if you are paying more or getting inferior connection speeds.

If the new house needs the phone lines to be connected or upgraded, there may well be extra charges by your existing provider. If you are tied into a contract with the supplier, you have little option but to cover any connection fees.

If you are facing extra charges like these it could pay to work out the cost of cancellation against the cost of the set-up fees. It may be cheaper to cancel your existing contract, and set up a new one at the new house which includes the initial phone line connection.



Organising the change of address for phone, broadband and satellite TV contracts is another minor detail you need to take care of before the move, but one which can cause a serious headache if you don’t arrange it well in advance.

You may find it difficult to change your supply without the land line number of the new house, but you should contact your providers at least a month in advance to start the process of transferring the contracts.

You may suffer a break in service if you are unable to get the phone number until you move in, but most internet service providers are able to connect you within a week.

If you are taking your phone number with you to the new address, you need to inform the phone provider and ask them to commence the change on the date of your move.

Although most providers will charge you for cancelling a contract, moving house could represent an opportunity to change suppliers and save money; particularly if you are nearing the end of an agreement and the cancellation fees are not too prohibitive.

It makes sense to look around and see what deals are on the market, and whether you can get a better price by signing up to an all-inclusive package of TV, broadband and phone.

Most broadband, TV and phone providers make it easy to change your address details either online or over the phone, make it one of the things you get out of the way well in advance of the move and have one less thing to worry about.

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