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Games to Play with Your Kids on Moving Day

Give children a spare packing box to have fun with on moving day.

Moving house with children can make the whole process much more stressful if it is not handled in the correct way. Children can often be resistant to the move and suffer feelings of fear and anxiety about moving to a new house and a new area.

Children of different ages will react to the move in a variety of different ways, and it is essential to remain patient and sensitive to their needs. Continue reading “Games to Play with Your Kids on Moving Day”…

How to Prepare Your Children for a House Move

Consider that your children may feel stressed and anxious about moving house.

Moving house can be a big upheaval for the whole family, but while adults can remain rational about it, children may suffer from psychological stress and anxiety.

We are able to concentrate on the practicalities of moving and can immerse ourselves in the multitude of things that need to be done in advance; but our children may concentrate on the loss of familiar friends and surroundings, and may feel concerned about the reason for the move.

Continue reading “How to Prepare Your Children for a House Move”…

How To Move House

Things To Do When Moving House

Listing the things you have to do for moving house will reduce the stress.

Considered to be as stressful as divorce or bereavement, house moving is one of the most difficult things you are likely to do in your …

Tips When Moving House

Consult these tips to help you prepare for a smooth removal

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Moving House Check List

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Packing to Move House

Packing to Move House

Get children helping to pack for removal.

If you have resolved to pack your own house for an imminent move, get organised as early as possible. Gather together the materials and tools …

Packing Boxes for Moving House

You will need a good selection of box sizes.

One of the most stressful tasks when it comes to moving house is packing all of your possessions and belongings. When you look around your …