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Moving House – Utilities Contacts

When you move house one of the most important things to do is let everyone know your new address and contact details. You need to inform banks, building societies and all financial institutes you have accounts with.

You need to let your friends and family know where they can contact you. It is most important to deal with all the services and facilities you use. You will need to change address with your utility companies and give them the date of the move, to ensure that you have gas, electricity and water at the new address.

Let friends, family and utility companies know your moving date.

Inform Utility companies of the date of your move.

You will need to arrange the switchover of your broadband and phone contracts to the landline at the new house, and arrange the move of any TV subscriptions. Below is a guide to changing over these important services, along with the contact details for some of the most common providers.


Utility Companies

Utility companies generally make the switchover to a new address a fairly simple process, and most only require a minimum of 48 hours notice. It makes sense, however, to sit down and contact all your utility suppliers at least a week in advance. You will need to provide the full address of the new property and the date you are moving.

Arrange for supplies to be cut off at your current address, and to be switched on at the new address on the day of the move. Take meter readings at the old property when you leave, and at the new property when you arrive; it is important to give these to the relevant companies to ensure you are billed correctly.


 Useful contacts:

 Moving House – Electricity

The Npower moving house dedicated phone number is 0845 714 5146, and they have a page on their website all about moving house and changing details:

NPower Moving Home Page

The E.ON moving house service can be called on 0845 303 3020, or customers can change details online on the website:

E.ON Moving Home Page

The EDF moving house phone number is 0800 096 9000, and you can also complete the online form:

EDF Moving Home Page


Gas – Moving House Contacts

The number to call to change address with British gas is 0800 048 0202, and you can also update your details online:

British Gas Moving Home Page

Atlantic Electric and Gas can be contacted on a general enquiry line – 0845 026 0657, or a moving home form can be completed online:

Atlantic Moving Home Page


 Moving House – Water

Severn Trent Water moving house contact: Severn Trent offers an online service for new and existing customers who are moving. An account can be opened or amended online at:

Severn Trent Water online service

Most water suppliers offer similar services, and you can find contact info for the provider in your area on the Water UK organisation’s website:

Water UK Operators


Moving House – TV, Broadband and Phone

Switching phone and broadband services can sometimes be a difficult affair, as you must provide your supplier with the BT landline phone number of your new address before they can begin the transfer. It’s best to start the process a month in advance to make sure your supplier has plenty of time to complete any necessary work on the landline prior to connection.

If you provide the new address and landline number well in advance you should expect to have phone and broadband connection at your new home on the day you move in; but be prepared for a break in service and internet access, just in case there are any hiccups.

Remember to let your utility companies know the date of your move

Give your Utility companies notice before moving house.

You can contact BT on 0800 100 400 to arrange moving, or complete their online form at:

BT Moving Home Page

Sky have a section on their website dedicated to moving house, which makes it easy to change address:

Sky Moving Home Page

If you need a dish fitted at your new address or help setting up and installing the equipment, Sky provide a free engineer service to help you.

Virgin accounts for phone, broadband and TV can be updated with a new address online on their website:

Virgin Moving Home Page

TV licence moving house contacts are: phone 0844 800 6737, or online:

TV Licence Moving Home Page


Government Offices


You should inform HM Revenues & Customs so they can update your records for Income tax, national insurance, child benefit, student loans and tax credits. Phone numbers and email addresses for your tax office can be found on the HMRC website:

Tax Office Details

You should also contact the DVLA with a change address for driving licences and vehicle registration certificates. The website for amending your driving licence is:

Amend Driving Licence Page

And to change the address for your vehicle registration certificates:

Amend Vehicle Registration

It’s important to re-register for your right to vote with your new address, details here:

Re-register Voting Right Page


Council Tax – moving house contacts

You will need to inform your local council of the move for the purpose of council tax, and there are contact details for different councils across the country on the Direct Gov website:

Local Council Contacts



The details above are a helpful guide to some of the companies and organisations you will need to contact when you move house. There are many other people and companies you might need to contact and it’s a good idea to draw up your own personal list of all the accounts, memberships and subscriptions you need to get changed.

When you work your way through the list try and give each company as much notice as possible to make sure that the change-over of supply is done on time, and you are set up immediately in your new home.

On contacting the provider, whether by phone or email, make sure you have your account number, password and any other relevant details to hand, to make the process quicker.

Changing over your utilities is necessary to make sure you are billed correctly for the old home, and have gas, electricity and water as soon as you move into the new one.

Phone, Broadband and TV are also important so that you have them ready for your new home, but don’t forget to inform every government office of the move; it is your legal responsibility in some cases to make sure you are registered correctly.

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