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Moving House Cards

When you are moving house there are a multitude of things to organise. From exchanging contracts and dealing with removal companies, to packing the house and switching utility and service providers.

As well as contacting all of your banks, suppliers and account holding companies, it is important to inform everyone you know of your new address. The old fashioned way of letting people know by writing  individual cards or letters has given way to new technology, and made-to-order templates and cards are available online to make this task much easier.

Who to send a moving house card to


Use pre-printed cards available online to inform people of your address change.

Using pre-printed cards can make informing people of your address change much easier.

First and foremost you should inform all of your family members of your new details in the week before your move. You will also need to inform all of your friends, both close friends and ones in far-flung places that you may not see often but want to stay in contact with.

You may also need to tell your work colleagues, your employer and clients if necessary to make sure you don’t miss out on any important mail.

While it may seem like a laborious process, it is worth sitting down and working your way through your address book to make sure you include everybody you wish to know your new details.



Online templates


There are several websites from which you can print out change of address templates that you can fill out yourself and distribute among your friends and family. The good thing is that these tend to be free, but it will take some time to write them out; you will also need access to a printer and preferably some thick paper or card.

There are hundreds of different designs you can choose from and there is ample space on the cards for name, new address and contact phone numbers.



Designing your own cards online


Some websites offer the facility to customise your own cards online before printing them for you. These services are not always cheap, but can add a touch of professionalism to your moving cards.

Printed in bulk, you are almost unlimited in your choice of design as you can choose graphics, photographs, and text wording, size and position. It gives you the opportunity to put a photo of yourself and your family on the card, and to write your own message about the move. You can put all your new contact details inside the card, and write a generic message so you don’t need to individually address every person.



Buying cards


If you are moving on a budget it may be best to use a free template rather than buying cards for the move, but if you want to create your own professional cards be prepared for the cost. Personalized cards can retail anywhere between £0.40 and £1.20 each. It sounds cheap but when you consider that you may be sending over a hundred cards, the cost would equate to £40 or £120.



Making sure you receive mail


Despite sending out cards to friends, family and colleagues, there is a good chance that someone will not receive a card, or will forget to update your details in their address book


Set up a mail forwarding service with the post office if worried you may miss important letters.

It is a good idea to set up a mail forwarding agreement with the Post Office

If you are concerned that you may miss important letters or documents, it is wise to set up a mail forwarding service with the post office.

They will send any post received for your old house onto your new address for an agreed period of time; this gives you the chance to inform anyone who isn’t using your new address.



Moving emails


An alternative to sending traditional cards via the post, you could send moving emails to advise everyone of your new address. Video has become much easier to capture and process, so going one step further than a simple video, templates exist online which enable you to insert you home-made video into a moving email. This is a novel way to send your new details, with a message from yourself ‘in person’.





There are so many things to worry about when you are moving house and so many things to organise. Although you are likely to be focussed on the legal matters or the practical tasks, it is important to take the time to inform everyone you know that you are moving.

Friends, family, colleagues and clients may need to contact you and it is essential that they have the right details by the time you move.

There are various time and cost saving measures you can take to make it quicker and easier to go through the process of sending cards to everyone you know. Free moving house cards templates are available online and it is a budget-saving way of sending your new address to print one of these off and fill out your details before posting out.

If you are happy to spend some money on cards, you can customise your own moving house change of address cards; you can personalise them with photos of you and your family, and design the layout of text and write your own messages.

If you fancy something a little different you could record a video message from you and your family to send in a change of address email to your contacts. Videos can be embedded into e-card templates, and can be a fun way to let people know that you have moved.

Remember that not everyone has email or access to a computer, so there are some people that you may have to post cards to separately. Bear in mind that this type of message may not be appropriate for work colleagues, clients or your employer. It is probably worth sending a different email or card to professional contacts.

During a move you may feel like you have no spare time and are rushing to do everything, the last thing you will want to do is spend an evening working through your contacts and sending out address cards. Remember how important it is that your friends and family know how to contact you in an emergency, and make sure you take the time to do it.


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