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How to Move Out Of Your Parents House

Moving out of your parents’ home for the first time is a big decision and a daunting prospect for most young adults. The housing market is very difficult for first time buyers to get a foothold in, and the economic crisis has made it all the more difficult to borrow from banks.

Many young people are faced with the choice of renting a property, or staying in the family home, while they try to save for a deposit on a property.

If you are moving out you are bound to feel anxious about the new house and the new area; you may be worried about coping on your own, or the effect the move is going to have on your parents.

Carefully consider whether to move out of parents' home

Moving from parents' home.

Finding a house could be a stumbling block for you; a lot of people fear making a final decision, in case it is the wrong one.

Reasons to move out

There are plenty of reasons that you might feel the time is right for you to leave your parents’ home, some of the most common are:

  • The desire to live independently.
  • Moving into a home with a partner.
  • Relocation for work or university.
  • Problems at home or directly with your parents.
  • Moving in with friends.
  • To get onto the property ladder.


Whatever your reasons for moving out, don’t make any rash decisions, and don’t overstretch yourself. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to keep up with colleagues or peers and buying or renting a property, which is beyond your means.

If you are happy at your parents’ house, and they are happy for you to live there, consider the advantages of staying at home and saving money towards a better property in the future.


Common fears and worries


It is not unusual to be worried about several things when you move; most young people experience the same feelings when they leave the family home for the first time, so you should expect to be a little nervous and anxious.

Many first time movers have a strong feeling of un-readiness, and fear that they cannot cope with the responsibility of maintaining a house. Money can also be a big issue, and you are almost certain to worry about whether you can pay the bills, buy food, pay rent, and still have a little left over.

Problems with flatmates could also occur, particularly for those moving into shared or student accommodation. It can be very difficult living with someone who is late with bills, or refuses to do their equal share; you may have a personality conflict, which makes it difficult to live together.


Your parents


Take the time to talk to your parents about your plans to move out, and be considerate about how they feel about you leaving. Hopefully your parents will support your decision and be pleased to see you taking your first steps towards independence.

Leaving parental home for a new house

Moving House

They will also have their own worries; they may wonder if you can cope on your own, and be scared that you will not eat well or take care of yourself properly.

They might be worried that you don’t have enough money, or think that you are not quite ready to move out. Your parents are also bound to be sad to see you go, and may be finding it hard to let go.

Reassure them that you will be fine on your own, and that you will take care of yourself; promise to visit or phone often to keep in touch and let them know that you are fine.


Finding a house


Finding a house can sometimes be the most difficult part of the process; you will probably be restricted by budget, you may need to find a house in a particular location due to work or university, and if you intend sharing, you will need to find suitable flatmate to move in with.

Search online to begin with and draw up a short list of potential houses. Arrange viewings and look at the local area as well as the house, to get an idea of the neighbourhood. Look out for any signs of problems or disrepair, as they could be costly in the future.


Figure out a complete budget, which covers the cost of moving and the cost of living once you are in your new house. Make sure you can comfortably afford the rent or mortgage before considering buying.

If you move into student accommodation you are unlikely to have a choice of flatmate, but if you are moving in with friends, make sure everyone has viewed the property and everyone is happy to go ahead. If you do move in with friends, draw up an agreement, which details everyone’s share of the bills and responsibilities; this can save arguments later on.


Moving out of parents house


Once you have decided on your new home you can set about making the move as smooth as possible. You should already have a complete budget, which covers, rent, utility bills, phone and broadband, food, loan/credit card payments, clothes and any other expenses. Keep a little aside in your budget for unexpected expenses.

Decide how you are going to move your possessions and make the necessary arrangements. A small van and the help of your family or friends may be all you need to make the move, but if you have lots of belongings it may be better to use a professional removal firm to complete the move.

Remain confident and keep calm; resist the temptation to pine for your old house, and look towards a new future in your new home. If you are living with other people make sure you communicate well, avoid any confrontation or arguments and be prepared to compromise.

The first few weeks will cause the most anxiety, so try to get everything as well organised as possible; set up your own new routines and enjoy the feeling of being in your first house.

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