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How to Get Moving House Quotes

Once you have finished arranging the purchase of your house and dealing with paper work and solicitors, your thoughts turn to the practicalities of moving house. There’s the packing to think of, you need to change your utilities and suppliers, and you will probably need to hire a removal firm.

It may seem like a daunting task at first to find the right company and the cheapest quote, but as with any other purchase it pays to shop around to find the best deal.

It pays to get more than one quote for your removal.

Obtain a quote in writing.

Get quotes from at least three different companies, more if you can, and ask them for their best prices for the day you want to move.

If you can be flexible with your moving date, ask them if they offer any discount for weekdays; some removal companies will offer a discount on quieter days during the week.

Be prepared for the removal company to ask if they can send a consultant to your property to give an accurate estimate of the cost of the move before they issue a final quotation.



Finding a removal firm:

On The Phone

If you feel more comfortable speaking to someone, a simple flick through the phone book will give you the numbers of several removal firms in your area. It would be advisable to phone if you have any special conditions or requirements, or you have specialist items such as a piano. Most firms will be prepared to give you a rough idea over the phone of what price they would charge for a house of your size.

They may try to arrange for an estimator to visit your house and assess the cost of the move to give you an accurate figure, but at this stage it’s best just to get a rough price from several different companies to compare.

 Using The Internet

The Internet has now become an excellent resource if you are moving house, and several different websites offer free quotations from up to six removal firms in your local area.

The websites require you to enter both your old address and your new address, as well as other information like the date of the move, how many bedrooms the house has, and if you have any special requirements. Your information is passed on to removal companies in the area who are registered to the website and they will contact you via phone or email to give you a quote.

This can take a great deal of stress out of the process as you only need to enter your details once, and six different quotes come directly to you for comparison.


An Estimator

When you have prices from several different companies it’s worth inviting the firm with best looking price and service to send a consultant to your property to carry out an assessment of your house.

Removal firms measure the size of the container on the back of the lorry in cubic feet; when an estimator visits your home he will estimate the size of your furniture, and the amount of boxes your possessions will generate, to give an indication of how many cubic feet your house will fill.

This helps the removal firm to select the right size lorry for the job, and give you an accurate timescale and price for the move of your house.

Quote being prepared.

One of your chosen Estimators writing out your quote for approval.


Comparing the quotes

You could invite more than one company to visit your house to get accurate quotes to compare, and this is a good time to ask the consultant if they will stick to their quote no matter how long the move takes, or what happens on the day. If you can agree with the firm to lock the price in their quote, you’ll get a little peace of mind that there will be no hidden costs.

Once you have compared and decided on the quote you like the best, speak to the firm about the fine details of their quote. Check that VAT is included in the price, and that they have insurance.

Discuss any specialist requirements you have, they will need to know about moving large furniture in advance so they can prepare for the moving and packing of the item. If you need any furniture dismantled before the move make sure the firm provides this service, and that it is included in their costs.

If you don’t have an agreement on a fixed price, familiarise yourself with any extra charges that might be incurred during the day of the move. Be prepared for any fees to be applied to your invoice and make sure the money is set aside to pay for them.



Moving house is a stressful and challenging time, with so many things to arrange and organize there is often little time to search for and compare different prices for removal firms.

If you are in this position take a little time to go online and register your details on a moving house website. You should receive quotes within a couple of days from six companies giving you the chance to compare some prices with the minimum of effort.

When an estimator visits your house he will be able to give you an accurate price for the move; this is the time to discuss any discounts that might be available for moving on a weekday, and any special requirements you have for furniture or possessions which need specialist packing and moving.

It is important to feel comfortable with your choice of company before you go ahead and hire them, remember that they will be handling your prized possessions.

If you don’t feel happy with the way they have conducted themselves during the quotation period or the visit, don’t be afraid to look for a different firm; even if they have higher prices.

Although it seems like a difficult task, in reality getting a quote only takes a few short hours. It is well worth taking the time out to source a good quote from a reputable company to make sure you are going to get the best price along with the best service.



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