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House Moving Costs

 Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will do in your life. It may seem like there are a hundred and one things to organise, and you may find yourself struggling to keep on top of the many things that need to be done prior to the moving day.

Draw up a realistic budget well in advance of moving.

Couple planning their removal costs.

Buying a house and moving can also be one of the most expensive things you will do in your lifetime. If you are buying, on top of the initial deposit and mortgage, are conveyance fees, solicitor’s fees and stamp duty; while if you are renting you will be expected to pay a deposit equal to one month’s rent, the first months rent, and any administration fees the estate agency charges.


How much does it cost to move house?

It is a sensible idea to draw up a realistic budget well in advance of moving so you have a good idea of what the costs to move house will be once everything has been taken care of.

The actual costs of moving house can range from removal firm fees, van hire, packing fees, and cancellation charges and final bills for any utility or service contracts you no longer require.

Even if you are unable to create an exact budget, it is worth finding out rough costs for all of these things to help you prepare and to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises lurking around the corner.


Costs of Removal Firms

The cost of hiring a removal firm can vary depending on several factors. The area in which you live or are moving to may carry a premium, particularly if you live in London. The size of the van may also have a bearing, and the amount of time needed for the move will play a part as well.

It is advisable to get at least three quotes from different firms to compare, before making a final decision. Most will give you rough prices over the phone, but will expect to send a consultant to visit your house to carry out an estimate before offering a full quotation.

Average cost of moving house figures provided for illustration purposes by one of the UK’s leading removals firms give a general idea of the cost of using their services; the prices are based on a typical detached three bedroom house.

They quote £500-£550 for the move assuming it can be done in a single day. The price includes VAT and insurances, but does not cover packing or dismantling furniture.

If you are moving long-distance most removal firms are unlikely to charge extra for mileage, but base their quotes on the amount of days the move will take. If the move is spread out over the course of two days, the firm estimated that they would charge £600-£800.

The company also offers a packing service as an extra, at an approximate price of £150. These prices will always be subject to a consultation and detailed estimation by one of their company representatives, after which they will provide an official quotation.

It is worth noting that weekends tend to get booked up very quickly and if you hope to move at the weekend you should try and book a firm as early as possible. Pickford’s do not charge a premium for weekends, but some removal firms do, so be sure to check the pricing; and if possible move on a weekday to avoid the extra charges.

Once you are in possession of a quote, ask the removal firm if they will honour the quote regardless of what happens on the day. If you can lock-in a price it is much easier to budget, and protects you from hidden charges or extra fees if something doesn’t go to plan, or the move takes longer than the company originally estimated.

If you intend to pack your own possessions, check with the removal company if your belongings are covered by their insurance; if they are not, you may need to source insurance for your own goods while they are being transported.

Plan the cost of van hire and packing.

Removal underway.


Costs of Van Hire

If you are planning to carry out your own move, you may need the hire of a van or lorry. Figures taken from an independent van-hire company offer hire of a Luton transit van at £93.50 for a single day or £197 for a weekend, while the hire of a 7.5 tonne lorry would cost £136 per day, or £252 for a weekend.

The costs include VAT, insurance and mileage. Some firms will charge extra per mile for distance travelled, so if you are moving long-distance try to find a hire company where the mileage is included. You will be responsible for putting diesel in the van and returning it with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up.

Most van-hire companies will allow you to pick up the van or lorry the night before the move, which will enable you to get an early start on the loading, without having to go and pick it up first. Bear in mind that to drive a 7.5 tonne truck you will need to have category C on your driving licence.

Costs of packing

You could expect to pay approximately £150 for a packing service, and if you feel this is an unnecessary extra expense it may be worth packing on your own. You will need to acquire or buy several different sized boxes, packing materials such as bubble wrap or polystyrene chips, as well plenty of tape to seal the boxes.

Check with the removal firm whether items you pack yourself are covered by insurance, otherwise you will need to arrange your own policy to cover the move. If you have large, unusual items such as a piano, it is worth asking your removal company what the cost will be of moving a specialist item; they may charge an extra fee for the packing, moving and insurance of unusual, expensive items.


Moving House Costs Summary

Moving house can be a costly affair, and it is worth saving as much money as possible in every aspect of the move to help keep spiralling moving house costs under control.

Packing on your own and hiring your own van will certainly be a cheaper way of doing it than using a removal firm, but if you have any concerns about driving a large vehicle, it may be better to enlist the help of a removal company despite the extra cost.




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